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Industries partnered with a national insurance company to build on strategic locations for their claims divisions in two main cities. 


The established internal recruitment team did not have succinct processes and procedures for hiring at any level within the organization. Most processes involved weeks or months of waiting for approval to hire. The organization had two locations experiencing rapid growth and needed a large amount of adjusters to run the accounts they had. Although there was flexibility in the type of experience they could hire, many candidates would find new positions between their first interview with the Company and their job offer due to the length of time it took to receive approval. However, there were also many adjuster positions that specifically needed Bodily Injury experience that proved even more difficult to fill for the Company due to needing niched experience on top of the lack of internal communication.


Our major solution involved defining communication practices and procedures between the internal recruitment team and the person with authority to make hiring decisions and offers. Once we incorporated better procedures, we were able to emphasize to the hiring authorities best interview practices to help them make succinct decisions on talent more efficiently and rapidly to improve the time to hire. We also put together large reports demonstrating the gaps in response rates vs the potential amount of hires Company could have based on Genesis project standards as well as general industry standards. These reports 

Specific Achievements

  • 49 Jobs Filled during an 8-month period
  • Improved the time to hire from 48 days to 22.7 days (from above industry standard to "beats" industry standard in that market).
  • 39.6% ROI on average time to fill vs the industry standard at the time of initial contract.
  • Went from having only 5 hires within first three months of contract to 49 hires within first 6 months of contract after Company adoption of Genesis practices.
  • Over $1.5 million saved by Company after reduction in time to hire.

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