Plastic Cap Production

Industries partnered with a manufacturing company who specializes in the production of plastic caps to bring about recruitment solutions across three key plant locations.


Every plant operates differently when it comes to how they hire. Although many locations need different people and different skills sets, the variety amongst the hiring processes creates confusion amongst internal hiring managers and human resources. All three locations were understaffed and had high turnover with a negative brand reputation in the market, so hiring professionals felt they were playing “catch up” with little qualified applicants.


Our professional recruitment team provided hands-on assistance in local plant locations and created a “round the clock” hiring atmosphere amongst the personal within the plants. Meanwhile our marketing and branding teams reached out to more diverse candidates to create a more inclusive environment and promote a better company culture. Lastly, our consultants created recruitment and onboarding processes in all three locations that minimalized turnover as candidates and hiring managers immediately established positive working relationships with grounded communication.

Specific Achievements

  • 278 Jobs Filled over 11 months
  • Assist in increasing hourly rates and streamline titles and job descriptions for internal advancement and external recruitment
  • Hosted a training session for an entire HR department about recruitment, retention, and onboarding
  • $1,600 Cost per Hire
  • Improved retention rate

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